Blinis & Caviar

Yum! Blinis & Caviar

Yum! Blinis & Caviar

Serves 4

Hey guys, been a long time. So I am kicking off this new series in style. It looks like the summer is about to leave us so, what more than a small treat to wave goodbye (maybe see you soon) to the London summer.

Orange White and green

Orange, White and Green. Delightful

I wasn’t looking for it when I purchase it in Waitrose. It was affordable and I was looking for a treat. So, here it is. Simple, Moorish, VERY VERY rich Blinis & Caviar for 4 under £10 from Waitrose.


  • 16 blinis
  • 50g Elsinore Salmon Caviar
  • 100g French Crème fraiche
  • 2 onion leaves (grown on my balcony) you can use spring onions from the shop


Simple: Open the packets and copy the photo. Layer as follows using a teaspoon:

Only 50g just the right amount

Only 50g just the right amount

Generously spread crème fraiche on the blinis, then add ¼ to ½ a teaspoon of caviar on top. Sprinkle spring onion on it to break up the fishiness. Enjoy in 2 to 4 very slow mouthfuls.

Please note this caviar is very salty, so, be more generous with the cream as it counters the saltiness often the caviar.

Just layer, no fuss

Just layers, no fuss

Do not eat more that 4 or you will be sick. This is a very rich treat. Drink something fizzy or acidic with it.

Seat down. Enjoy!

See you next week. x


Apero – bouchees

So, friends have decided to drop by mid-afternoon and there are left over festive stuff hanging about… French call this l’Apero, short for Aperitif (see below for definition).

So what can you do with this?

So what can you do with this?

No matter how posh your left over nosh is, you must see this as a great opportunity to get rid. I tell you why; this means that you and your household will not consume it during January and add to the weight that you have already gained during the festive period… so, share the “love” selfishly… Of course.


See below how everything was used to create a beautiful, appetising and welcoming bouchées display.

Sundried tomato & Radish

Sundried tomato & Radish

The bouchée above is sundried tomato with radish at both ends. The tomato bring the tanginess needed to inject life in the bland radish….



Next we’ve got more radish but with beetroot and black olives. Olives even in brine are still salty. So against the radish and precooked beetroot, you will not need to provide a deep for this little skewed trio.

Salami mon cheri

Salami mon cheri

This one is has a baby salad leaf, a slice of chorizo and a cherry tomato cut in two. Just fold the salad leaf into a chorizo and impale the cherry tomato halves on each side of the stick.

Fatty liver

Fatty liver

For this one, I used duck foie gras brought back from France. Foie gras can be really fiddly to handle and if you are not careful you might have to just spread it like butter. Do not leave it at room temperature before cut it to your preferred shape. Once it is out of its container cut it as soon as.

Foie gras on toast

Foie gras on toast

So, for this little bouchée, all I used were toasted granary slices, a little salad leaves and slices of the foie gras which, needs no distractions nor butter. It likes to party on its own so, a good toasted bread or French toast will do. You can get your foie gras from French clicks here in the UK –

The oyster & pearl

The oyster & pearl

Next is my show piece: smoked oyster & pearl. For this one get the smoked oyster from Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose’s tined fish aisle.

Oysters & Pearls

Oysters & Pearls

The montage here is a fresh tomato ring lined with a small green salad leaf, topped with the smokes oyster and a squirt of salad cream… Mayonnaise works too as long as it is squirty.


Bun & Cheese anyone?

Next, we’ve got Bun & Cheese. This is very very Jamaican. The Jamaican bun is a very spicy and sweet dark brown bread.

Close up Bun N' Cheese

Close up Bun N’ Cheese

It is also very pasty in the mouth and I recommend it in moderation. For the bun and cheese bouchées you need butter to hold it together.

Smoked salmond bouchee

Smoked salmon bouchee

Last but not least of the bouchée, we’ve got toasted brown bread and smoked salmon… That’s it.


Caesar salad

Can’t do all that without a little salad on the side. So, this one in a Caesar salad my way: it contains, bleu cheese, mix coloured salad (pre-packed) and for crunchiness, we’ve got crispy onions and blue cheese vinaigrette (I love cheese).


Fruit platter

Of course we cannot have all this and not feel guilty. The fruit selection is here to balance it all out… not! On this little platter we’ve got pomegranate – better to buy the fruit and deseed it yourself than buy it ready from the shop. With it we’ve got white & red grapes and also kiwi… no particular reason for this combo. I had them in the house.


A table! tuck in

And to wash all this down, we had ginger beer, some red wine (French Ronciers) and water on tap bien sure. It goes without saying that the bin saw none of that.

L’apéro: it is short for l’apéritif and it is a bit like an informal pre-diner drink with savoury finger food… It is not meant to fill you up… so go easy.
Bon appétit 

Salmon Salad


smoked salmon salad w/poppy seeds

For 3 people.

  1. Get a pack of pre prepared salad. Especially the pack of crunchy salad with red & white cabbage and fine carrots. The pre-packed are practical if you are not going to use a lot of cabbage in the following days as there will be leftovers.
  2. You will then need 200grs of flaked smoked salmon
  3. 2 boiled eggs – cut in quarters
  4. 2 fresh tomatoes – cut in quarters
  5. Poppy seeds

For the vinaigrette

  • 1 garlic clove – Crushed
  • 1 teaspoon of French mustard
  • Salt & pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 table spoon of white wine vinegar.

Chuck all the above in a jar with lid. Shake well, then adjust the season as needed.

Now, rinse the salad and lay it on a plate, add the tomatoes quarters, then dust with poppy seeds. Here the eggs are served separately because one of the guests was allergic.

As for the vinaigrettes, it is best for every guest to help themselves to the quantity that is sufficient for them.

This can be served the brunch or as one part of a 2/3 courses meal.  This one was part of a 6 course brunch and was served with some light rose.

Bon appetit et a bientot!

Salmon en papillote

DSC01639The other day, my friend gave me two salmon steaks she didn’t fancy cooking.

I was having a lazy day and didn’t really want to cook; didn’t want to refreeze the fish ether.

So. I prep the salmon, placed individual piece separately in a large enough piece of foil.

In each parcel, I added 3 twigs of thyme, some slices of yellow peppers, 2 roughly cut spring onion leaves, 1 chopped garlic clove, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of pure olive oil.

Close individual parcel to look like a purse.

DSC01640In a pot, place a little dish face down in the bottom of the pot. And place your parcels on top of this plate in the pot. This way, the fish will cook only with the team and will not touch the water in the pot as it boils. (it is an I am sure an African trick).

In the same pan, I have also added some peeled swede to accompany my dish. this will also just cook with the steam coming from the bottom of the pot.

Leave to cook for 25 minutes. Keep an eye on your pot to make sure that you add water when it dries out. To add water, do not pour it directly on your parcels, but on the side of the pot. Watch out as a rush of steam come up from beneath the plate.

Salmon, Swede, carrot ready

Salmon, Swede, carrot ready

Once the 25minutes are over, open your parcels and delicately place the content of the parcel from the foil to the serving plate pour on the juice from the parcel and add some quilted Swedish bread to soak in all that juice … Waste not innit?


The Nutter