Baked Cod loin with Cavolo Nero

Baked cod & Vine

Baked cod & Vine

Serves 3

  • 600g fresh Cod loin from the counter
  • 6 vine tomatoes
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 banana shallot
  • 1 orange sweet pepper

    Ingredients for the dish

    Ingredients for the dish

  • 150g rice (Basmati & wild rice)
  • 1 tablespoon whole grain mustard
  • 100ml white wine
  • 6 leaves of cavolo nero – Black cabbage leaves
  • 25g butter
  • 10 mix colours olives (antipasti)
  • 1 vegetable stock cube
  • Ground black pepper
  • Mustard oil


Marinated and ready to bake

Marinated and ready to bake

Rinse the cod and place in the large oven dish. Slice the fish in as many pieces as required (here 3). Crush the stock cube and sprinkle it on the fish, also crush the garlic over the fish. Add black pepper and a drizzle of mustard oil and massage the fish making sure that the garlic and stock cube cover the fish in every sides including between slices… Cover with cling film and place in the fridge for 15-30 minutes or so. Preheat the oven.

In the meantime, cut the orange pepper in wedges, cut one half of the shallot in about the same size. After marinating the fish for 30 minutes, bring the oven dish out and scatter on the fish, the pepper and shallot wedges. Also add the vine tomato. Sprinkle salt on everything and another glug on oil then place in the oven for 20 minutes at 200°C. Do not forget to base every 5 minutes it as it will dry out.

Once the fish is in the oven, put the rice to cook following the instructions on the package. Add a pinch of salt and 1 spoon of mustard oil.

Steamed Cavolo Nero

Steamed Cavolo Nero

The cabbage.

Black cabbage and olives

Black cabbage and olives

Time to prepare the Side dish of cavolo nero. Rinse and remove the spine of the cabbage leaves then cut in 2-3 each leave. Place the cut cavolo in a heat proof bowl then add the antipasti olives with a drizzle of oil from the olives jar. No need to add salt as antipasti’s olives are already vinegary-sharp. Mix well and set aside. This bowl will need to go in the microwave for just 5 minutes just before serving.

The mustard sauce.

By the time you start on the mustard sauce, the fish should be resting.

I did not get tipsy during the cooking... lol

I did not get tipsy during the cooking… lol

So, collect the juices from the now resting fish and pour it in the sauce pan with the quartered leftover shallot. Add a tablespoon of butter about 25g. Also add 100ml of white wine (I used a French white chardonnay) and black pepper. Leave the mix to simmer and the wine to evaporate a bit. This should take 3 minutes. Watch out for the foaming. When the wine stops foaming. Add the mustard and stir continuously for 3 minutes. Adjust the seasoning and switch off the heat.

The combo white wine and mustard can be a bit acidic, which can be very good for fish. But if you don’t have white wine, use lemon juice instead.


Serve as suggested with a steamed Basmati & Wild rice and a side of warm Cavolo Nero with mix olives.


Serving suggestion - the sink just has a good light... lol

Serving suggestion – the sink just has a good light… lol



Roast Cherry tomatoes

Multi coloured cherries

Multi coloured cherries

I was walking minding my own business then I ended up at the fruit and veg’s market…

Saw a beautiful bowl of mixed coloured cherry tomatoes… I couldn’t resist though I had yet no idea about what I was going to do with them.

Since I had already planned my week’s food, the tomatoes could be spoilt by the time I got round to doing something with them so, I just seasoned and roasted them to make a conserve.

The roasted tomatoes will later be used as accompaniment for some dishes, meats salads or sandwiches.

So, here we go!


Roast tomatoes ingredients

Roast tomatoes ingredients

  • 1kg tomatoes
  • 100g white onion quartered
  • 50g garlic cut
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 tea spoon oregano
  • 1 scallion
  • 3 Maggi cubes crushed
  • 100ml olive oil

Mix all in the oven tray and place in the oven at 200C for 1hour 30 minutes…

Ready to roasy

Ready to roasy

Don’t forget to check from time to time to avoid it burning. No need to add water as the tomatoes will produce the necessary liquid during the roasting.

Check out the next post to see how I’ve used it with my milk poached fish. These tomatoes can also be used on toast, meat and to add flavour to a salad without vinaigrette.

Suitable for vegans.

Bon appetite!

Once it is done, leave to cool down, then, spoon into a jar and use as needed. This will keep in the fridge for 3 weeks. Enjoy!

Cherries ready for use

Cherries ready for use

Avocado & Artichoke heart salad

DSC04786 1For 2 (ideal as a lunch)


  • 4 parboiled small potatoes
  • 2 medium tomatoes
  • A handful of artichoke
  • 1 avocado hass
  • Leftover roast chicken (Exclude for vegans)
  • 2 small garlic
  • Salt & black pepper


Just watch the pictures speak! Am sure you won’t eat the avocado with it skin.


Go Create! No rules

Go Create! No rules

Note: The artichoke can be found in the same section as olive and sundried tomato in olive oil. This salad does not require a vinaigrette. As you can just drizzle the flavoured oil from the Artichokes jar with a squeeze of lemon.

This salad is to die for!!!

Bon appetit!

Fishy St Agur Wrap

Fish, Leek, Cheese, roll

Fish, Leek, Cheese, roll

Lunch For one, but can serve 2. What can I say? I was hungry!

  • 100g Pollock (fish)
  • 6-8 Cherry tomatoes on a vine
  • 50g St Agur cheese
  • 200g asparagus
  • 1 big leek
  • 2 Garlic cloves
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 25g butter
  • Tooth picks


Break the asparagus at their tender points and just keep the tip sides. Rinse and set aside.

Remove 2 large the outer layers of the leek, rise, flatten and set aside.

Rinse the fish, dust with black pepper and leave aside too. No salt here as the cheese is sharp.

Using a garlic crusher, prepare the garlic then chop about 25g of so leek heart.

Don’t forget to wash the vine tomatoes and set aside too.

Now place one piece of fish flat on one of the leek leaves previously prepared, then, spread the cheese on top of the fish and roll both as on the picture. Hold the roll with tooth picks.

Repeat with the other piece of fish. Set aside.

Fish, Leek, Cheese, roll

Fish, Leek, Cheese, roll

Once all the prep is done, heat the butter in a large pan, then fry the rolled fish 2 minutes on each side, then do same for the top and bottom. All on high heat.

Once the fish is done reduce the heat and add the chopped leeks’ heart in the pan, stir fry for 1 minute, then, in goes the vine and asparagus. Dust the vegetables with salt and pepper, then stir for side to side then bottom to top as the start to release their waters. This should take 2 minutes. Use that juice to base the fish which is still cooking on the other side of the pan. Don’t forget to keep moving the later from time to time so it won’t burn.

Now, spread the vegetable in the pan and set the fish on top of them, then cover the pan for another 2 minutes still on medium heat.

You can fill your boot or share.

You can fill your boots or share.

That is it! Serve with a piece of baguette to soak up all that juice. I served mine with a Waitrose Grand Rustic bread. Enjoy!

Cinnamon bagel & Caramel sauce

This was the dessert: Shop bought cinnamon bagel with caramel sauce… Ideal for after hospital visits! T’was one of those days.


Steak haché et frites

Steak frites - Serving suggestion

Steak frites – Serving suggestion

Anglo-Saxons call it burger, but we call steak haché! It is in fact a steak made out of mince beef.

 Steak and chips for 1


Accomp. ingredients

Accomp. ingredients

100 grs of pure mince beef

1 small red onion – very finely minced

4 garlic cloves – minced

Salt & Pepper.

Half a sweet red pepper – Chopped

1 small tomato – chopped

1 tinny red chilli pepper – finely chopped

Olive oil


Season the mince beef with a pinch of salt and pepper, half of the chopped onion and half of the garlic. Mix well and form a nice round burger (no eggs or bread crumbs needed).

In a frying pan, heat up 1tbsp of olive oil. Place the steak in the pan and fry each side on high heat for 3 minutes.

Once the steak is cooked. Remove it from the pan, add another spoon of olive oil, then throw in, the chopped sweet red pepper, the chilli, tomato, rest of garlic and chopped onions. Add salt and pepper. Not too much salt as it might reduce the sweetness of the tomato and sweet peppers. Stir-fry the mix for 3-4 minutes and remove from heat.

DSC02366Place the steak on top of the stir-fry and cover while you are getting the French fries ready. This will keep the meat and accompaniment moist and warm until you are ready to serve.

You know how to cook fries right? If you are reading this, you know how you like your potato fries.

My steak was served with a mix of French fries and potato wedges…AND MAYONAISE.

You may have noticed by now, I love Mayonnaise and Garlic!!! What do you want? I am French. Deal with it.


yummy! and fattening

The little stir-fry will bring all the moisture needed in this dish. I recommend that you make your own steak haché as you will know exactly with is in it. Mince steak doesn’t need bread crumbs and eggs. It just need handling carefully.

See you next week!

Baby Asparagus with Coconut cream sauce

Asparagus - Serving suggestion

Asparagus – Serving suggestion

Coming back from an event recently, I stopped at a fruits & veges stall in Vauxhall train station (this is in London UK) as had spotted some baby as Asparagus on display.

I quickly figured out how I could cook this quick with no fuss! So here it is and it was literally ready in 10 minutes + 2 minutes of prep.

Meal for 2


300 grs Asparagus
Half a small red onion – chopped
2 medium garlic cloves – crushed
1 medium tomato – sliced in 4
2 thin cod fillets – about 150 grs each
2 table spoons of olive oil
25grs coconut cream
25grs butter
Salt & Pepper

Ingredients ready to mix

Ingredients ready to mix

Method (9 lines, 9 steps):
1 – Rinse the asparagus and place them in a flat pan that has a cover.
2 – Add the chopped onion, garlic, salt & pepper mix well.
3 – Now lay the fish on top of the asparagus, season with salt and pepper,
4 – Add the slices of tomatoes & drizzle the last spoon of oil, cover.
5 – Now place the pan on a medium high heat for 7 minutes without touching it.
6 – The vegetables and the fish will sweat and steam in their in their own juices.
7 – Remove the content of the pan and place it in serving dishes.
8 – Put the pan back on the heat and melt the butter, coconut cream plus 50ml of water.. Or white wine leave it to simmer for 3 minutes to a saucy consistency…
9 – It is done. Serve immediately!


Read to steam

It is healthy, fast, delicious and nutty!



Glass of white wine, rubbish TV, good company. Bon Appetit!

The Nutter

Stir-fried Barley with confit duck


Duck & Barley stir… uuuhhhhmmm!

Dinner for 2
Barley stir fry with flaked confit duck and black olives

• 1 thigh of confit duck & Jus
• Half courgette
• A hand full of black olivesDSC02158
• 7 garlic cloves
• 1 small onion
• Half red pepper
• Half green pepper
• Half yellow pepper
• 200 grs of precooked barley
• 1/2 Stock cube
• 3 twigs of thyme
• 3 table spoons of olive oil

Prep: Finely chop the onions. Peel and crush the garlic. Cut the courgette, and all the sweet peppers length way like in the picture. Precook the barley if it is not yet. Flake the duck. Set all that aside.

In a wok, heat 3 table spoons of olive oil and fry the onions with the thyme for 2 minutes.DSC02164
Add in the rest of the cut ingredients and dry fry for another 3 minutes.
Now add in the barley, the duck flakes, the jus and the crushed half stock cube.
Stir to mix all well for 5 minutes. Until the liquid dries out.
It is all ready to serve.

Note: The confit duck comes in a tin and it is a French treat that can be really expensive. When I go back home bring some back with cassoulet and choucroute… I got this one from Waitrose where a tin with 2 thighs cost about £10.00. It comes out of the tin covered in duck fat and some sort of jellied jus… The jus tastes really great and I cannot really work out what it is made off. The jus really brings an added “je ne sais quoi” to dishes and it really worked for this dish too.