Blinis & Caviar

Yum! Blinis & Caviar

Yum! Blinis & Caviar

Serves 4

Hey guys, been a long time. So I am kicking off this new series in style. It looks like the summer is about to leave us so, what more than a small treat to wave goodbye (maybe see you soon) to the London summer.

Orange White and green

Orange, White and Green. Delightful

I wasn’t looking for it when I purchase it in Waitrose. It was affordable and I was looking for a treat. So, here it is. Simple, Moorish, VERY VERY rich Blinis & Caviar for 4 under £10 from Waitrose.


  • 16 blinis
  • 50g Elsinore Salmon Caviar
  • 100g French Crème fraiche
  • 2 onion leaves (grown on my balcony) you can use spring onions from the shop


Simple: Open the packets and copy the photo. Layer as follows using a teaspoon:

Only 50g just the right amount

Only 50g just the right amount

Generously spread crème fraiche on the blinis, then add ¼ to ½ a teaspoon of caviar on top. Sprinkle spring onion on it to break up the fishiness. Enjoy in 2 to 4 very slow mouthfuls.

Please note this caviar is very salty, so, be more generous with the cream as it counters the saltiness often the caviar.

Just layer, no fuss

Just layers, no fuss

Do not eat more that 4 or you will be sick. This is a very rich treat. Drink something fizzy or acidic with it.

Seat down. Enjoy!

See you next week. x


3/3 Tomato conserve – The vegan set

Thank you for coming back for the last in the series. in this post you will find vegan options to impress those special guests using your tomato conserve.


Easy vegan canapés

The tomato can be used as a base for canapés.


The Tofu canapé

The Tofu canapé:
Here, the first set of canapés is made out of thin French toast, smooth spreadable tomato conserve. Rocket salad, fried courgette and browned tofu. For the courgette and the Tofu, cut them in the size you will use in your canapés, then, dust with salt and pepper. Heat. 2 table spoons of rapeseed oil then brown each side of the tofu and courgette. This will only take about 1 min and half per side. Leave both to cool down before the montage, or the rocket will become limb.


The caviar of lentils canapé

The caviar of lentils canapé:
The canapé above is made of French toast, tomato conserve spread, rocket salad, grilled tomato caviar of green lentils.
Cut a fresh tomato in the size you will use on your canapés, again, dust with salt and pepper, drizzle with rapeseed oil and place under the grill for about 5 mins each side. Do keep an eye on it or it will burn. For the lentils (precooked), measure the quantity you will use for the canapés, add a dollop of the smooth conserve with melted dairy free butter and black pepper. mix. Now you are ready for the montage: toast, spread, rocket leaf, grilled tomato, lentils caviar.


The vegetable platter

The vegetable platter:
Serve the tomato as one of the dips for a vegetable platter. Here the patter includes cucumbers, carrots, red and yellow peppers, potato chips and Shop bought humous.


roasted vegetable and tofu

Oven roasted vegetable and tofu served warm on a bed of rocket salad.
As you can see, I have used the left over from the vegetable platter, added some onion rings with tofu chunks and placed in the oven for 45 minutes at 180C. Serve warm and top with partially crushed cashew roasted nuts


Aubergine layer & Lentils caviar

Aubergine layer & Lentils caviar
Cut your aubergine in 2 cm thickness, do the same for courgette, tomato and tofu. Pre fry the aubergine and courgette in olive oil for 1 min on each side before mounting and ready for the oven. In the following order: aubergine, tomato conserve, courgette, tomato conserve, fresh tomato and then, tofu. Dust with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil and place in the oven for 30 mins at 180C. Layers to be served hot with a caviar of green lentils. The caviar is made out of precooked lentils, a small amount of the mouth conserve and dairy free butter.

I hope you have enjoyed the series and will be posting your comments here.

Et voila!