Salmon en papillote

DSC01639The other day, my friend gave me two salmon steaks she didn’t fancy cooking.

I was having a lazy day and didn’t really want to cook; didn’t want to refreeze the fish ether.

So. I prep the salmon, placed individual piece separately in a large enough piece of foil.

In each parcel, I added 3 twigs of thyme, some slices of yellow peppers, 2 roughly cut spring onion leaves, 1 chopped garlic clove, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of pure olive oil.

Close individual parcel to look like a purse.

DSC01640In a pot, place a little dish face down in the bottom of the pot. And place your parcels on top of this plate in the pot. This way, the fish will cook only with the team and will not touch the water in the pot as it boils. (it is an I am sure an African trick).

In the same pan, I have also added some peeled swede to accompany my dish. this will also just cook with the steam coming from the bottom of the pot.

Leave to cook for 25 minutes. Keep an eye on your pot to make sure that you add water when it dries out. To add water, do not pour it directly on your parcels, but on the side of the pot. Watch out as a rush of steam come up from beneath the plate.

Salmon, Swede, carrot ready

Salmon, Swede, carrot ready

Once the 25minutes are over, open your parcels and delicately place the content of the parcel from the foil to the serving plate pour on the juice from the parcel and add some quilted Swedish bread to soak in all that juice … Waste not innit?


The Nutter


The Random Croissant

We are Saturday today and I was working away in Newcastle (North East UK) this week. I woke up with next to nothing to eat in the house. All I had was a croissant that I failed to eat from my breakfast yesterday… it was such a busy day what can I say?  I proceeded this morning to make said croissant interesting.

 So, I found in the house the following ingredients:DSC01688

-A small carrot; thinly sliced

-Half a red onion; thinly sliced

-2 cloves of garlic; thinly chopped

-A brazil nut; to grate

-Pure olive oil.

 *I stated by butterflying my not so fresh croissant and warming it in the oven until slightly crunchy.

*In a really hot frying pan with a bit of olive oil, fry the onion with thyme, then add in chopped garlic and carrot.  Add in a pinch of salt then stir until the carrot is cooked to your liking.

The Random Breakfast!*Place the crunchy/warm croissant in a serving dish; pour the content on your frying pan on the croissant. Then grate the raw Brazil nut on top of all that.

I didn’t have milk so, fresh grounded black coffee was my hot drink to accompany all that. Voila!

This is my idea of a random fry-up. Hope you’ll try it.

C ya!

 The Nutter