Blinis & Caviar

Yum! Blinis & Caviar

Yum! Blinis & Caviar

Serves 4

Hey guys, been a long time. So I am kicking off this new series in style. It looks like the summer is about to leave us so, what more than a small treat to wave goodbye (maybe see you soon) to the London summer.

Orange White and green

Orange, White and Green. Delightful

I wasn’t looking for it when I purchase it in Waitrose. It was affordable and I was looking for a treat. So, here it is. Simple, Moorish, VERY VERY rich Blinis & Caviar for 4 under £10 from Waitrose.


  • 16 blinis
  • 50g Elsinore Salmon Caviar
  • 100g French Crème fraiche
  • 2 onion leaves (grown on my balcony) you can use spring onions from the shop


Simple: Open the packets and copy the photo. Layer as follows using a teaspoon:

Only 50g just the right amount

Only 50g just the right amount

Generously spread crème fraiche on the blinis, then add ¼ to ½ a teaspoon of caviar on top. Sprinkle spring onion on it to break up the fishiness. Enjoy in 2 to 4 very slow mouthfuls.

Please note this caviar is very salty, so, be more generous with the cream as it counters the saltiness often the caviar.

Just layer, no fuss

Just layers, no fuss

Do not eat more that 4 or you will be sick. This is a very rich treat. Drink something fizzy or acidic with it.

Seat down. Enjoy!

See you next week. x


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