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Sugar Dusted P-shots

Nuts generally are recommended as snacks of choice… How about the peanuts?

The small dark red peanuts are the ones I prefer. The smaller they are the sweeter they are naturally.
The red skin peanut is one of the most versatile of nuts. And its light red robe is full of fibres. Most of us like it roasted skinless with salt, sugar or honey… Most of the time what you find in shops are hard to crack, too sugary or too sweet.

Since peanuts ( with their red dress on) are the ones I like the most amongst nuts, I have spent a lot of time finding the best way I’d like to find them in the market place.

Selection of containers

Selection of containers

For the last 11 years I have been perfecting a homemade version of sugar dusted roasted peanuts. For the last two years, I have been offering them as gifts to my friends and family during special occasions.

People have described my homemade sugar dusted peanuts as Moorish, well presented and great for gifts to friends and family… Many have said “ooh you should sell those” or “why don’t you make them for weddings and christenings… they would be great”!

I have now managed to find the best way to present these nuts for different occasions and priced them accordingly.

So, I am now making these peanuts available to everyone to buy and offered in various sizes wrapped from £1.00 to £20 per items. These are great as gifts. Some of the containers can be kept as decorative objects or just reused as household items.

See below the various sizes and prices.

Sugar dusted P Shots

Sugar dusted P Shots


Sugar dusted P wrapped single shot

This is the shot glass version. Minimum order 20 items for £15.
50 shots will cost you £25 and 100 shots will cost £45.00. All prices include postage in the UK
The shots version is great to include in goody bags or weddings and birthdays. They can be wrapped just as the sugar coated almonds are for weddings. Please allow 10 days for the order to reach you.

The other containers (wine or water glasses) below each cost £5.00 each + postage. Will be presented wrapped like the shot above.


Everyday glasses container

Sugar dusted Ps - Art deco bottles. lidless

Sugar dusted Ps – Art deco bottles. lidless

The Art deco ones cost £8.00 each and the many you buy less it will cost. 2 will go down to £7.00 each and 10 will cost £5.00 each + postage.

1litre coloured bottles - come with own lid.

1litre coloured bottles – come with own lid.

The bottle above will cost £20 ready gift-wrapped this one is a suitable gift for a man.

For more details please email with your enquiry.

T &C: The nuts will stay fresh and crunchy for up to 3 weeks. This product contains no additive, no conserve, no animal derived ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians and Vegans. The containers may vary depending on availability from my suppliers. All orders must be paid in advance. Refund only apply on undelivered orders.
Request your FREE sample today! Email me your details or fill the form below.
Sorry only 1 sample allowed per person.

The Nutter


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