Whole Wheat pasta, Garlic & Herbs butter


moorish is the word!

 Sometimes you just don’t want to cook and there are few ingredients you would like to stuff your face with…

Well, for this dish it is exactly how I was feeling.

All I needed was 10 minutes, some whole wheat pasta, poppy seeds, grated cheese, garlic  & herebs butter ( I make my own).

Start by making the garlic butter (can keep for two weeks).

Take 150grs of your preferred butter (preferably unsalted butter); leave it at room temperature to soften.

Once soften mash the butter as if mashing some mash potatoes with a wooden spoon until the butter look like some sort of paste.

Take 3 cloves of garlic (I love Garlic) peel and very finely chop them, add to the butter.

Take about 6 branches of parsley – Chive would make it too garlicky. Finely chop your parsley and add it to the butter too.


Butter, Pasta, Poppy seeds and Cheese

Mix well until the butter, herbs and garlic form a single mass. Put the mix in a ramekin, cover with cling film and put in the fridge to harden.

Now on to the pasta.

In a pot of boiling water ad salt and your spaghetti. Leave to cook to your taste. Mine takes 5 minutes. Drain and serve immediately. Add the garlic and herbs butter, the cheese and the poppy seeds. Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhuuuummm! It was a lazy day.

So simple it is sinful. Nothing else needed here.   

Hope you will try it.

Please note… do not make this too often and make sure that your meal for the next 5 days are well balanced, and with less fat.


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