Pear tatin with raspberries coulis

Tatin for 10 people. 

Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion

 To make this beautiful dessert you will need: A 28cm tarte dish – 7 pears peeled and halved – A rolled shortcrust pastry – 200 grs of sugar 200grs of sugar – About 50grs of lemon zest.

Ingredients for the tatin & coulis

Ingredients for the tatin & coulis

*Put half the butter and half the sugar in a pot and bring it to high heat until it caramelises. Add the halved pears, zest and salt. Cook until the caramel starts to stick to the pears.

*Butter the cake dish generously. Then place the now caramelised halved pears on the dish face down.

*Cut chunks of the remaining butter and place them on top of the pears in the dish. Now, add the remaining sugar evenly distributing it on the caramelised pear.

 *Now unroll the shortcrust pastry on top of the dish, tuck in the sides completely covering  and hugging in the pears. I only use ready rolled pastries because I do not have the space and frankly it saves time.

*With a fork, prick the top of the paste so that it’ll let team while the tatin cooks.

Pears cooked in caramel with lemon zest

 *Preheat the oven at 200c, then put your tatin in to cook for 45 minutes or, just follow the instructions on your paste wrapped. I like my pears really Tatin ready for the ovencooked and almost mushy, so I leave my tatin in the oven for longer.The pear can be replaced with apple. Not the cooking apples as they are too sharp. Look for the ones that look green and have like a rusty skin. They hold better when cooking.

For the coulis:  all you need is 700grs, 200grs of caster sugar, 100cl of water.

Sieving the coulis

Sieving the coulis

* Rinse the raspberries, add the caster sugar and water. Bring to boil until the water dries out and only leaves mushy raspberries stewing. This should take about 20 minutes on high heat and stirring.

* Remove from the fire and pass through a fine holed sieve pressing it with spatula until there is no more passing through the sieve.

 * Taste the coulis and adjust sugar as needed. Raspberries can be really sour and adding lemon isn’t a great idea in my opinion.

Do not throw away the paste like raspberry mush that is left in the

Another use for the mush! yummy!

Another use for the mush! yummy!

sieve. It can be used as a base for another immediate dessert if you are baking something else right away. Or, you can just use it as a top up for natural yogurt or even milkshake. Even a basic ice cream could work. I am not one to waste food.

 Bon appetit!


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